Meet Your Fairy Guide

Hi, my name is Christina Evans AKA Unitia, Queen of the Fairies!

Graduating with a BA in Dance from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, I’ve sailed to Antarctica with scientists to create dance works about climate change, and presented nature-based and socially driven performances around the world, receiving a few international awards along the way. 

I’ve also been a guide to tiny humans for over 12 years, including working in childcare, dance teaching and children’s entertainment. Currently I run a kid's party business called Faery Faces in Los Angeles. I also like to practice yoga, meditation and tapping daily.

Having worked intimately with families, I get that keeping kids entertained at home can be exhilarating, exhausting and repetitive. I saw a general lack of content that focused on nature, mindfulness and self-empowerment for kids, along with the fairies connection to the natural world. 

This is why I founded Fairy School with my husband Sasha Dylan Bell with a mission to inspire confident, kind and nature-loving humans through fun, educational and holistic programs, while being a support for busy parents like yourself.

Want to skyrocket your child's confidencecreativity & inner wellbeing through a nature-filled quest to become a fairy?

Get the kids off the sofa and into the outdoors with the Enchanted Explorers home program, featuring nature experiences, mindfulness exercises & fun learning activities…with all the planning DONE for you!

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